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Stop Voter Suppression

During the 87th Texas Legislative Session, TCRP worked closely with elected officials, legislative staff, grassroots organizations, business executives, faith leaders, and voters from across the State of Texas to defeat new efforts to suppress the right to vote. The battle to defend voting rights ultimately culminated in the House Democrats’ historic and courageous decision to break quorum to prevent the omnibus bill SB7 from becoming law.

With new efforts underway to undermine democracy in a Special Legislative Session, TCRP has collected the data that we released during the Regular Session showing the harmful effects that many of these proposals would have on Texas voters. Even where the proposals in the Special Legislative Session are not identical to those debated in the Regular Session, our data shed light on how rollbacks of voting in these areas will inflict enormous damage on our democracy.

2nd Special Session 

Banning Drive-Thru Voting

New Restrictions on Vote By Mail

Attacking Voters with Disabilities & Voters Requiring Assistance

Proposals for Voting Rights Reform

Special Session Bill Analysis

New Restrictions on Early Voting Hours

Closing Polling Places in Communities of Color

Additional Reading

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