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No justice no peace


Texans of every race, class and political ideology want to be safe in their communities. A safer, more just Texas is possible. 

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TCRP’s Criminal Injustice team partners with impacted communities, prioritizing cases and campaigns to challenge injustices in: Community, Courts and Conditions of Incarceration.

Since before this country’s founding, police and prisons have been weaponized against people. These systems have the potential to affect every one of us, but poor, Black, Brown, disabled, noncitizen, and LGBTQIA+ communities are among the most impacted.

Our state fails to take on the root causes that trap many Texans in the criminal injustice system. Texans falling through the cracks of our broken social welfare systems are overly policed and incarcerated, but police rarely keep our communities safe from violence. Instead, police use excessive force and even kill unarmed Black and brown people. 

When people find themselves in court, they face a rigged system where punishment is based on who can pay. Jails and prisons are frequently on the verge of collapse with ever growing populations, understaffing, inadequate services, and dangerous conditions for their residents and staff. Even after serving time, individuals face countless barriers to re-entering society.

A safer, more just Texas is possible. Every Texan should help determine what this looks like – especially Texans whose voices are so often overlooked. We must all fight together to make this a reality.




Conditions of Incarceration