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Digital Organizer (1-year Fellow), Beyond Borders

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Job Type

About the Role

-In close coordination with the Senior Advocacy Manager, build a network of supporters;

-Leverage social media to educate rural communities about the impact of Operation Lone Star;

-Provide technological advice and support to amplify digital efforts;

-Develop and implement plans to move supporters from online actions to offline actions;

-Sustain interest of online supporters, move them up a ladder of engagement, and deepen their leadership;

-Craft engaging social media posts, cultivate community within Facebook groups, and explore how social media platforms and features can be used for organizing;

Create compelling graphics and videos;

Test, setup, and train staff/supporters to use texting, relational organizing, online advocacy, and other software tools for organizing;
Manage data and tracking systems in collaboration with the Community Engagement Department

Work with our communications team to help supporters share their stories through videos, images, writing, press interviews, storytelling trainings, etc;

Work with our development team to strengthen online and digital fundraising.


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About the Company

The Digital Organizer (Texas Border Communities) fellow is a 1-year position and will serve as an essential driver and member of the team responsible for empowering and mobilizing border and rural communities. The position, reporting to the Senior Advocacy Manager of the Beyond Borders program, will serve as a partner to the communications and digital team to develop online and digital connections to people in border regions, including digital strategies to combat disinformation in rural counties.

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