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Our Work

We remain committed to representing those persons and groups that have been historically targeted in Texas, and still are today — including immigrants, people of color, the poor, persons with disabilities, persons accused of crimes, and others. We will use the law as a sword and shield against abuse, discrimination, disenfranchisement and other injustices, demanding accountability from those in power. We are uniquely homegrown and rooted in Texas. That means we are not tethered to any national bureaucracy and entirely focused on advancing equality and justice in our own backyards.

TCRP has long been recognized for our willingness to stand up for oppressed populations against the State of Texas and other powerful interests. Our track record of bold, creative litigation has also been recognized. For instance, in 2016, we made national headlines with our successful lawsuit against Texas for refusing to provide birth certificates to babies born to undocumented mothers in Texas.

Historically, TCRP’s work was focused in discrete regions within Texas — prioritizing location over subject matter expertise. We have changed these practices by organizing our work within three program areas — Voting Rights, Criminal Injustice, and Beyond Borders — bringing on senior lawyers with subject matter expertise to lead these programs. Now, we are preparing to leap forward with clearly articulated goals and strategies in each of our legal programs. With new structures to ensure the highest caliber of legal representation; we are doubling-down on our commitment to meld our advocacy in the courts with advocacy outside of the courts.

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